Reshet: Jewish Women’s Network is dedicated to strengthening multigenerational Jewish women in Southern California by empowering, educating, inspiring, and connecting them through outreach, activism, and awareness.

About Us

Launched in May of 2013, Reshet: Jewish Women’s Network (Reshet) is a new and innovative program of the National Council of Jewish Women/Los Angeles. “Reshet” means “network” in Hebrew, in line with the program’s mission to provide tools, programs, and networks to educate, empower, inspire, and connect Jewish women throughout Southern California. Reshet will continue to produce the annual Jewish Women’s Conference of Southern California along with NA’AMAT/USA Western Area, Hadassah of Southern California, and WIZO LA. Reshet also provides programs, trainings, and workshops throughout the year to ensure that women have opportunities to connect, learn, advocate, and be a part of a like-minded and proactive community throughout the year.

Current Programs

3rd Annual Jewish Women’s Conference (JWC)

Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Covel Commons, UCLA

Presented by Reshet: Jewish Women’s Network of NCJW/LA with NA’AMAT USA/Western Area, Hadassah of Southern California, and WIZO LA. The Jewish Women’s Conference became a successful event overnight, shifting from a half day program at NCJW/LA to a full-day event for all generations of Jewish women at UCLA last year. The morning is dedicated to Educating Ourselves and Our Communities and the afternoon is devoted to Empowering Ourselves and Our Communities. JWC attracts women of all denominations and backgrounds and fills a gap in programming and support for women-specific programs in the Jewish community. Keynote speakers have included Mayim Bialik, Julie Stern, Christine Pelosi, and Nina Tassler. This year’s keynote speakers are Sandra Fluke, Attorney and Social Justice Advocate, and Dr. Cheryl Saban, Writer and Advocate. JWC is co-sponsored and supported by a multitude of companies, organizations, and individuals.

Here are some results from our 2012 post-conference survey:

  • 83% of respondents said that their overall experience was excellent or very good.
  • 89% said the conference inspired them to take action.
  • 95% felt motivated after attending the conference

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Testimonials about the 2012 Jewish Women’s Conference:

  • “I have participated in and attended many conferences. This one was so well organized and educational.”- Natalie Caine
  • “The conference yesterday was very well run and very interesting and I learned a lot. Good speakers, good panels, and good attendance.” -Anita Aratow
  • “Michelle and I agreed that it was one of the most personally enriching and motivating conferences we’ve attended. The panelist in our workshop were dynamic and brilliant and the whole feel of the day was comfortable, friendly, and stimulating. You and your committee produced a fantastic experience!”-Leslie Friedman
  • “Congratulations on a wonderful conference. Thanks for including the Skirball and making the process of being a participating organization so easy. So glad that I was able to attend yet another successful JWC, and look forward to attending next year! I as definitely inspired to become more involved in the community as well as with NCJW/LA”- Kimberly Kandel
  • “One of the things that strikes me is that the speakers were so approachable. In the end I thought that maybe it’s because we were all relating as Jewish women. And the “Jewish” was the uniting factor. I love that.”- Prissi Cohen


Women’s Action Training Project (WATP)

April-September, 2013 at NCJW/LA Council House

This program, launched in April of 2013, trains women and men to be effective advocate for issues affecting women, children, and families through five workshops. WATP is Chaired by Social Justice Advocate Sandra Fluke and has included trainers such as Serena Josel of Planned Parenthood LA and Ruth Messinger of AJWS. Those who complete the entirety of the trainings receive a certificate of completion from the City of West Hollywood. Workshops include: Social Media for Advocacy, Learn to Lobby, Taking Charge of Media Relations, Presenting your Message, and How to Write an Op-Ed. 2013 co-sponsors include AJWS, Bend the Arc, Planned Parenthood, City of West Hollywood, and League of Women Voters. The program was started as a response to the need of women who attended the Jewish Women’s Conference in 2011 and 2012 who sought trainings on how to advocate. The program will run for the second time beginning in January 2014.

Life Transitions Workshops for Women (LT)

Half-Day Workshop Took Place on April 28, 2013 at NCJW/LA Council House

The Life Transitions program launched in April of 2013 as a result of the Jewish Women’s Conference’s panels on Intergenerational Relations and Life Transitions. There was a large response to the two conference workshops by those who attended them at the last Jewish Women’s Conference. The attendees wished to continue conversations about the challenges women face at different points in their lives. We created LT with the launch on April 28, 2013 of a half-day program titled “Conversations and Tools to Find Balance.” The program included breakout sessions for women who self-identify as being in the Quarter Life Crisis, Sandwich Generation, or Third Chapter points in their lives. Counselors and professionals facilitated open conversations among the women and they provided each other with tools and tips on how to cope with transitions. The result of the program was the launch of three new groups: a peer support group for the Third Chapter, a peer support group for the Quarter Life, and a beach club.  These will all be hosted by NCJW/LA and we will provide tips and tools on how to effectively manage peer support groups as well. LT is supported by Cedars-Sinai.

Why We Need Your Support

Reshet needs your help! With your generous support, we can continue to build Reshet into the best network and support system can be for Jewish women throughout Southern California. Women are the backbone of our community and their needs are often overlooked by Jewish institutions. Reshet is here to create a cross-denominational, cross-generational network, to provide incredible programs and trainings, and to educate, empower, inspire, and connect Jewish women. Your support will go a long way in helping us achieve this collective goal.

Sponsorships range from $100 to $10,000 and more. We are grateful for donations of any size. As a thank you, we will market your organization or company on our website, Facebook page, press releases, and on banners at our events. Click here to visit our sponsorships page and learn about opportunities to sponsor Reshet or the Jewish Women’s Conference.

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Maya Paley, Director of Community Engagement and Special Programs
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